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T-zen, App for the Haitian Migration

Information platform for the migrant community!

T-Zen is a multimedia platform that since 2016 seeks to provide migrants and refugees with information and tools on how to manage life in the host and/or transit country. It aims to help them with difficulties related to migration procedures (visa, residency, nationality), employment, education, rentals, public transportation, street location, tourism, among others, and facilitate their integration. 

In this case, T-Zen accompanies migrants and refugees from Haiti to legally, socially, economically, and culturally integrate into countries such as Chile, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. It offers them information to manage their expectations about opportunities and stay well-informed. Additionally, it serves as a guide for tourists, students, businessmen, and businesswomen. T-Zen is available for both Android and IOS (iPhone) operating systems. It has a YouTube channel, a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp Group, and a Website that maintains direct contact with users, generating valuable content for integration.

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More than 20,000 users Choose the T-ZEN!
Info Migrants

Disseminate relevant information for migrants and refugees: Rights, Support Networks, Immigration Procedures, Work-Entrepreneurship, Education, Health, Transportation.


Learning the language of the destination country is the gateway to a good and enriching integration in culture: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese...


In T-zen you can see job offers and learn more about the labor system to find your next professional challenge. And know how to do your own business.

Health Information

Information on the public and private health system. Find hospitals and health institutions in your area.

Our commitment

Accompany migrants and refugees to integrate regularly socially, economically and culturally in the country of transit or destination. As well as guiding tourists and international students’ helper


We constantly hold virtual and/or in-person informative talks and workshops to guide and educate Haitian migration.


A variety of orientation videos for migrants, refugees and tourists can be found on T-Zen's YouTube channel, Facebook Fan Page.


Articulate alliances that allow us to learn and make our content reach more users and also to expand our support network for migrants.


We support vulnerable migrants and also the talented to achieve their dream. Me support haitian culture in the diaspora.

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What Our Users Say?

Our users talk about their experiences in our App.

“This app is very useful and makes things much faster is very helpful. Thank you"
Peter Anderson
"This application that one can see everything you need to access your procedures and others"
Chednald Paul
"Very good app! I hope to learn to use it to support Haitian friends."
Carlos López
"I wanted to thank you for such a great project that will be so useful to our community."
Jean Wi. Desruisseau


List of organizations that have collaborated with T-zen to reach the Haitian migrant community in Chile, the United States and others.

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