T-Zen- Privacy Statement

Thank for choosing T-zen. We have formulated the “service agreement” and “Privacy Policy” in accordance with relevant laws. Please read carefully and fully understand the relevant terms and conditions to understand our rules for handling your personal information and the purpose of applying for permission. If you agree, please click “agree” and start accepting our service.


T-Zen- Privacy Statement

Our organization appreciates your trust in us. To bring you a more satisfactory user experience, and to better communicate with you about our products, we provide our quality services. When you use APP, we collect certain information. This policy is designed to help you understand the types and uses of the information we collect when you use the App, and our corresponding information protection measures. The terms of this privacy protection policy explain the collection and use of users’ personal information and apply to all related services of our App.

If you submit information to our app during the use of our products, it means that you have agreed to the collection purpose, collection purpose, and use of the collected information as defined in our policy.

The information we collect online

Personal information

This privacy policy of «personal information» means any personally identifiable information, including e-mail, and other information when needed to provide incidental services. We only in the case that you voluntarily provide (for example, you register in our software, comments or questions to us) to collect your personal information.

Device Information

We will collect device information of customers added to their accounts to provide software functions and applications for you, when you use our software, our software also requires certain information about your non-personally identifiable information such as your domain names, IP addresses, phone language. Our software will store this information for the next automatically.

How do we use your information?

We will collect personal information and device information for the following purposes:

  1. Services and other functions of the software itself.
  2. To improve the content, appearance and function of software services.
  3. To understand your needs and preferences.
  4. For research and evaluation.
  5. To manage and develop our business and operations and management of customers, etc.
  6. To detect and protect our and other third parties against negligence, fraud, damage, theft and other illegal acts caused.
  7. Any legal, regulatory requirements, procedures or terms of the license, and shall comply with the requirements of implementation.

Information disclosure

Including requirements for law enforcement to respond to judicial proceedings, as well as to protect the user, we and its associated companies and other third-party security, property or legal rights required by law, we must also retain disclose your personal information rights.

Minor’s privacy

We very concerned about the safety of children when using the Internet. If you are minors under 18 years, before using we service, you should obtain prior written consent from a parent or legal guardian. We protect personal information of minors in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations.

Information security

We adopted many security measures to protect your personal information strict security. We use a variety of systems, security technologies and procedures and other measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. If you have any questions about our personal information protection, please phone us.

Statement modified

This Privacy Statement may be modified from time-to-time update (without prior informed to you). For privacy modified content will be posted on our website.

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